A LIVING TRADITION: The Art of Basketry
The Autry
Drawn from the nearly 14,000 baskets in the Autry's Southwest Museum of the American Indian Collection, this exhibition showcases more than 250 objects and the techniques, materials, and regions of their creation. The Autry invited 13 contemporary basketweavers to consult on the selection of objects for display and develop content specific to their region.

The exhibition was broken into two separate interpretive areas. Entering the exhibition space, we created an open collections gallery to highlight the depth of the collection and offer an intimate zone for visitors to explore. This collection was supplemented through an interactive kiosk for visitors to further explore the objects in this gallery. The second area of the gallery organized the collection into 11 distinctive regions. Here, visitors were able to explore the materials, stories, designs, histories, and tribes unique to each area of North America.
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